Engine Rebuild


There is a lot that goes into an engine rebuild.  You must ask yourself, “is this project going to be a fresh stock build that needs major reliability or is this going to be a performance based engine rebuild that will have some compromises. Either way, technical consulting is the first item on the list when you visit Advanced Cylinder Heads, LLC for your engine rebuild because when the work is complete we want to make sure your expectations are met. Based on your goals, a quote is provided before any work is done so that you are comfortable and confident with the end result.

Keep in mind with every engine rebuild, every part whether it is an original equipment part or an aftermarket part, it gets thoroughly inspected and checked to verify everything is to specification. After all parts are verified correct, bearings clearanced, measured for piston to wall clearance on all cylinders, piston rings file fitted for proper ring gap, end play is verified, as well as any other clearancing is done, then the engine will be assembled for the first time.

At this point, we make sure everything in motion, has plenty of clearance, established true TDC, checked valve to piston clearance, degree cam, as well as additional mechanical inspections. This is the crucial point of making sure no stone is unturned and proper documentation has been recorded.

After everything has been verified correct or in specification, then tear down begins. A final inspection and cleaning on all parts will take place. Then, final assembly of your engine will begin. Before any engine build leaves Advanced Cylinder Heads, LLC we verify oil pressure and generally start it up on a test stand before delivery or pick-up.

Stop by Advanced Cylinder Heads, LLC to see our latest project and to discuss your engine needs.